mardi 1 juillet 2008

blanc et brun

Blanches à reflets légèrement mauves , brun clair, brune avec des bulles, et brune métallisée,
plusieurs théières , diverses contenance allant de 48 dl à 17 dl ....
De quoi jouer avec les couleurs et les textures, les formes et les grandeurs.

3 commentaires:

Clarity a dit…

I adore tea and think that your work is interesting. My favourite pieces would be the white cups with the ice blue interior.

I also like the pictures of the leaf tea and "jade" in the cups. Hope you can visit my blog too.

ginkgo a dit…

thanks for writing here ! i have visited your blog and leaved a comment too .I love books : drinking tea and reading a book outside is so peacefull !

Clarity a dit…

I just saw your reply! I totally agree, so simple yet ... I must find time to do that again.

I just wrote a post about an old book store that is being removed for a shopping mall, sad if it happens.